The gap in British politics — and what should fill it

On offer at this election are two distinct visions of political change. One from Boris Johnson’s spiritually-absent Conservative Party and another from Jeremy Corbyn’s ultra-woke Labour. For many people, these two options present no appealing choice at all, just merely an opportunity to pick the least bad party.

But where is the party that is neither distinctly ‘red’ or distinctly ‘blue’ but a combination of the two? What would such a party look like? What should it say to the electorate?

Below are 30 suggestions on the vision and policies a hypothetical party of the centre might propose to motivate the apathetic among us to vote enthusiastically at the election.

  1. It would not be the Liberal Democrats. Neither would it be a form of reheated Blairism

This list is my own. I’m sure much has been missed out. But if a new political party that is neither ideologically ‘red’ or ‘blue’ were to form designed to meet the electorate in the middle, this would be a good place to start.

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